Voices of Creation: The Music of Jack Noble White

by The Texas State Men & Boys Choir, The Texas Girls' Choir & The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir

Released 2017
4818 Records
Released 2017
4818 Records
Three of North Texas premier fine arts organizations (The Texas State Men & Boys Choir, Texas Girls' Choir, and The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir) have come together to pay tribute to famed Dallas/Fort Worth composer, Jack Noble White.
Produced by Gary McGrath
Conducted by Morris Crayton, Alan Buratto, & Deborah Buffington
Recorded at 4818 Records & Crystal Clear Sound
Mastered at Reeltime Audio
Piano performed by Alan Buratto, Janet Pummill, Amy Pummill, Shields Bray
Harp by Jaymee Haefner
Cello by Javier Betancourt
Violin by Bethany Hardwick & Marian Brackney
Viola by Marian Brackney
Flute by Bill Garretson
String Arrangements by Gary McGrath

At the time of this recording we are entering our third season as a non-profit fine arts organization for the City of Fort Worth. It is our honor to once again share the recording stage with the internationally known Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir and our first collaboration with the Texas Girls’ Choir.

It is only appropriate that this collaboration between three of Fort Worth’s premier fine arts youth organizations is to share the music of Jack Noble White. Mr. White’s life’s work has been focused on the Fort Worth performing arts community as a producer, songwriter, and even executive director of one of Fort Worth’s finest.

The Texas State Men & Boys Choir
Founder/Executive Director: Gary McGrath
Associate Director: Deborah Buffington
Conductor: Alan Buratto

The Texas Girls’ Choir
Founder: Shirley Carter
Executive Director: Layne Trent

The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir
Founders & Patrons: Mr. & Mrs. F. Howard Walsh
Producing Director: Jack Noble White
Managing Director: R. Kent Schmedel
Associate Director: J. Scott Meneely
Assistant Director: Tyler M. Austin

Jack Noble White has spent most of his career in Texas, of which he is a sixth generation native. He has divided his time between music and education and holds graduate degrees in both.
Jack served as Secretary of the Episcopal Church’s National Music Commission from 1962-1977. He began writing and publishing during that time and now has many works in print. In 1977 he became the Executive Director of The Texas Boys Choir, leading them into a continuous international limelight with numerous tours. He and his wife, Johanna, founded the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, still housing the 70-year-old choir. Retiring from that position in 1995, he now devotes his attention to writing and other projects, including the world famous, Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir, and the annual Fort Worth play-pageant of the Nativity, The Littlest Wiseman. He and Johanna live in Fort Worth, minutes from their two daughters and four grandchildren.